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Reusable and water resistant portable changing mat. 

It’s an eco-friendly product!

Size: 45 x 70 cm (open)

Price: 49€ (+ 4.90€ shipping costs)



This changing pad is made up of three layers:

  • a soft internal layer made of Bamboo terry cloth for a very gentle and soft contact with your baby’s skin
  • a waterproof layer 
  •  an external beautiful fabric (100%cotton) of your choice, in order to have beauty always with you

In this way you can change your little one’s diaper everywhere, and small accident won’t be a problem anymore!

Together with this pad you can also conveniently bring wet wipes and a few diapers, as shown in the pic.



Each changing mat is individually handmade by me with great care in the selection of fabrics and materials. It is therefore unique! Attention is paid to every detail.


Washable and eco-friendly

This portable changing mat replaces the plastic disposable ones and gives you therefore more advantages at once: 

  • soft and gentle contact with  the skin of your little one
  • no more constant re-buying and piles of plastic waste, just buy it once and wash it in the washing machine at 30°C.