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Portable changing mat

Canvas bags

Napkins and tablecloth



Basket duo


Padded letters

Padded letters


Masks for a good purpose

Why should you buy exactly my products?


From mum to mums

My everyday experience as twice mum evidences me how important it is to have things that really make your life as easier as possible, and – not less important – that are beautiful as well. 

My creations arise from this acknowledgement and from the desire of simplifying and surrounding with beauty your life as mum as much as possible.

Handmade with lots of love

Each single creation is completely conceived and handmade by me. I pay attention to all details and choose all fabric carefully, so that they are at least OEKO-TEX certified.

From the fabric choice to the product itself, and of course without leaving out the packaging aspect, I try to give my contribution for a more sustainable life and world. 

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Personalised and unique

Choose among a big variety of coloured fabrics that I preselected for you, and together we shape the product you are looking for.

My creations, being handmade, are all one-of-a-kind.      Your personal fabrics choice will make them even more unique!

About me

Hi and welcome on my virtual shop window.

I’m Letizia, an Italian girl and mum of two still pretty little kids and I live in Munich, Germany. 

The parental leave and the pandemic gave me so some time to (re)discover my passion for sewing and wonderful fabrics. 

My personal experience as mom, together with the enthusiasm of lots of moms about my creations give me the reason and the energy to keep on creating new products for them and their little ones.